What is The Cannon Emergency Response Team, or, “CERT” Program?

The Cannon Emergency Response Team Program is an application-based, multi-week program for startups and small businesses experiencing a crisis caused by external forces. Operating as a temporary coalition of complementary subject matter experts, innovators, and creative problem solvers your emergency response team will provide rapid strategic support. Our CERT Program focuses specifically on helping companies solve challenges resulting from unpredictable and uncontrollable macro-conditions. Examples include but are not limited to, natural disasters, market disruption, legislative actions, civil unrest, fraud or theft.

Why did you create the CERT Program?

The Cannon Emergency Response Team Program was created because we believe Innovation hubs are uniquely positioned to be able to support their community by leveraging collective wisdom and subject matter expertise. We, The Cannon strive to be proactive and passionate about helping our startups persevere and succeed through times of trial. The Cannon Emergency Response Teams Program exists to support startups through unpredictable and strenuous macro conditions such as natural disasters, market disruption, legislative actions, civil unrest, fraud or theft.

Do I qualify?

If your company is likely facing bankruptcy or failure within 6 months of applying, you would qualify. If your misfortunes arose from macro shocks outside of your company’s operating control and you have more than one full-time employee, we are best suited to help you.

How does it work?

Once accepted, the startup will receive immediate educational content to begin crisis mitigation. The Cannon will schedule a half-day working session with CERT Advisors and in this working session, we will analyze and propose prioritized strategic and problem-solving next steps. The Cannon will facilitate one-on-one follow up meetings with specific CERT team members as necessary. In parallel, The Cannon will compile a package of discounted and/or free services that can have a material impact on your startup. The Cannon will follow up for four consecutive weeks and then one month after the last CERT session. If the problem worsens after a month, the process is subject to repetition until resolution.

How do I apply?

You can submit your application online. Apply Here.

The Cannon Emergency Response Team Program