Membership Options

Flexible Membership

  • For early stage founders who want the benefits of the entrepreneurship community, with flexibility and mobility.
  • Open Desk / 30 Days of Coworking

Resident Membership

  • For entrepreneurs who are ready to join the ecosystem and want a permanent place to call home.
  • Dedicated Desks for you and your team

Enterprise Membership

  • For business owners who want to fully immerse their teams into the community, & ready to officially set up shop.
  • Fully Furnished Private Offices


Connection & Collaboration with Entrepreneurs within our Community

 Investor, Advisor, & Potential Client Access

Grow Your Team – Find Employees, Co-founders & Business Partners

Free Access to all Weekly Events & Meet Ups

Full Office Services: Meeting Rooms, Mailing & Printing Services & 24/7 Access

Full Indoor & Outdoor Amenities (& Free Parking!)

Flexible Membership / Month-to-Month Terms

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Membership Benefits


We pride ourselves on creating a community to connect the best entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors and investors under our roof, both virtually and in our growing amount of physical locations. It’s what makes our ecosystem robust. All members are welcomed to seek out and engage with any person in the The Cannon network. Collective minds are more powerful than one alone, that’s what The Cannon community is all about.


In Houston, one location (no matter how central) will never be enough. With multiple locations strategically positioned in the most populous areas of Houston, we have created a network of hubs across Houston that will allow entrepreneurs to always have a community close by. Additionally, all members enjoy free parking and 24/7 access at each of our locations.


Attend events of all shapes and sizes, from community happy hours, game nights and networking events, to industry focused meetups and educational opportunities, we have it all. Want to host an event? Cannon members have the inside track to book our space and receive a block of event space credits each month.


Each of our spaces has been custom designed to help you concentrate on growing your business. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee in the kitchen, print, scan and copy on our state-of-the-art printers, duck into our phone booths for a quick call or host your clients and customers in one of our multiple easily-bookable meeting rooms across all of our spaces.