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7 Effective Strategies to Improve Communication


It probably comes as no surprise that the most successful businesses are made up of highly engaged employees. These top-performing workforces share a relentless dedication to what’s in the best interest of their employers. They’re committed, determined and consistently instrumental in increasing their companies’ productivity. Every business owner’s dream, right? But what’s not so obvious is knowing what attracts these MVPs in the first place. Even more important, what’s the best strategy for keeping them once you hire them? Is it strong management? Money? Recognition? Sure, those are all important factors. But according to a Career Builder study of the best [...]

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The Cannon Classroom – Yoga for Entrepreneurs


The Cannon Classroom: Namastartup - The Importance of Yoga in Entrepreneurship Powered by NRG Energy We had an exciting and important new program kick off this week at our flagship location in West Houston - our first weekly yoga class in the health and wellness room! Thanks to long time Cannon Community member Kanthaka, we will now have weekly Yoga classes for Cannon Community members every Tuesday at noon. Houston-based Kanthaka, who has created a platform to find in-home personal trainers and yoga instructors, is one of many health and wellness themed startups that are revolutionizing the industry. But yoga [...]

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Scary Stories – Startup Edition


Scary Stories - Startup Edition Powered by NRG Energy After celebrating Halloween at The Cannon this week, we felt like it made sense to dig into some of the scarier parts of starting a company. Obviously there are many, from the financial challenges of leaving something that is likely mostly stable for the potentially volatile future of a startup, to knowing that the large majority of startups don't succeed and all of the pressure that comes with that knowledge. We asked a few of our founders to dive into what they thought were the scariest parts of starting a company, [...]

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A Lawful Moment from Baker Botts – Understanding Intellectual Property


A Lawful Moment from Baker Botts Understanding Intellectual Property As a part of our shared vision around supporting Houston's startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, we are thrilled to partner with Baker Botts to share content custom catered to anyone going through the early challenges of starting a business. Last month, we dove into how to get organized after forming your legal entity. Next up - an overview of intellectual property for early stage companies, including: Overview of Intellectual Property Law - Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Patents, and Trademarks Trademarks - Traditional/Non-Traditional Marks, Degrees of Strength and Best Practices [...]

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The Cannon Classroom – Designing Your Design Strategy


The Cannon Classroom - Designing Your Design Strategy Powered by NRG Energy Brad True, Managing Director Developing an effective brand in the early stages of a company, especially if the initial group of founders & employees lack a background in graphic design and/or branding, can be a key challenge for a new business. And, even if the early founders and employees do have a design background, it can be tough to dedicate the time and resources typically required to do great work in the creative space while also balancing the other key needs of a company just getting off the [...]

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