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Startups by Kids


Startups for Kids Last week we talked about startups for kids: toy makers and teachers using technological advancements in combination with tried and true educational principals to build tools for youth. This week, we’re taking a look at the other side of the coin.. Afterall, the startup boom isn’t only reserved for legal voters or even people old enough to drive. Every day more children are founding their own companies and successfully building their own brands. Take a look at these five stellar kids running their own startups! Mo’s Bows Moziah Bridges Lots of kids Moziah’s age (15) [...]

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Startup Success with Data Gumbo: Managing Burn and Growth Rate


Startup Success with Data Gumbo: Managing Burn and Growth Rate In October 2017, research firm CBInsights decided to dig into startup success. What they found was a startup graveyard. According to their data, 70% of tech startups fail and most do so within 20 months of their inception. 58 out of 200 startups polled “post-mortem” listed burning through cash as their reason for failure. They’re talking about their startups' burn rate, or the speed at which a new company spends its capital to finance overhead before generating positive cash flow from operations. Companies that burn without growing are doomed to fail. [...]

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Storyteller Promotions: A Life Long Love Story


Storyteller Promotions: A Life Long Love Story Mike and Ruth Mallon love a good story. They pride themselves on telling yours, but their own story is about as good as it gets. Mike and Ruth together makeup Storyteller Promotions, a branding and promotional products shop out of Houston, Texas. When they’re not on the road, you can find the purple-clad couple in The Cannon, helping startups solidify their branding. Their nicknames are characters from beloved cartoons - Mike, the famous Buzz Lightyear, and Ruth, Elastigirl from Pixar’s The Incredibles. Their favorite cartoon boasts no caped crusaders, though. They draw their inspiration [...]

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Founders Focus – FanReact CEO Chris Buckner


Founders Focus - FanReact CEO Chris Buckner. Welcome to the next installment of Founders Focus! Earlier this week, Cannon Director of External Relations Brad True sat down with FanReact Co-Founder and CEO Chris Buckner to talk about their recent expansion into esports, how the company went from almost shutting down to now having almost 40 employees in just two years, and Chris' thoughts on the beginning of the universe. Brad: Congrats on your amazing event earlier this month, how did that all come together? Chris: Hah well…last minute, would be the perfect way to describe it. We had planned to [...]

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The Founders Series – Gameday Films


Introducing – The Founders Focus Series Welcome to the Founders Series. Here, we’ll bring you interviews from startups and companies working inside The Cannon. First up: GameDay Films. Founded in 2015, GameDay Films is a sports filming and film production company based in Houston, Texas. They specialize in youth sports, giving coaches and players teaching and learning tools, and parents a new way to watch their children play. I sat down with Jorge Ortiz, GameDay’s CEO, to talk about corner offices, wrangling wild freelancers, and everything in between. […]

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