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It’s move-in week for us at The Cannon, and as we transition into one of the largest coworking spaces in the world with more than 150 companies and nearly 400 members of our amazing community, we thought it might be a great opportunity to highlight a few startups that could potentially help you out the next time you decide to make a move.

Spruce –

Houston’s own newly-rebranded Spruce is mostly known for their seamless apartment cleaning platform, but don’t overlook just how helpful this can be the next time you move. Started in downtown Houston just a few years ago as Apartment Butler, Spruce has recently raised a $3 million investment round and has quickly grown into a suite of other services, now including dog-walking, dry cleaning, and other chores that continuously become even more challenging for busy professionals, as well as launching into a new market with offices opening up in Denver. Spruce’s move-out cleaning option is a lifesaver on moving day, even offering up a guarantee that you’ll pass your move-out inspection.

Bellhops –

Currently headquartered in the surprisingly fast-growing entrepreneurial hub of Chattanooga, TN, Bellhops helps customers arrange moves of all shapes and sizes, from across the street to across the country. Started in an Auburn dorm room in 2011, Bellhops has followed a somewhat standard practice in the successful startup playbook – find an industry plagued by delays, unexpected costs, and an unfulfilling customer experience, and bring it up to speed utilizing the first tech-enabled moving platform and a distinct focus on customer service. With online scheduling, predictive pricing, and ratings for your movers that you can check out leading up to your move, there’s no question that Bellhops has created a way to make moving as simple and stress free as possible.

Sharebee –

Does your move include a transition period?  Or maybe you’re downsizing your home or apartment and moving into a smaller space? If so, one of the biggest challenges can be finding the best option for temporary storage. While there are certainly self storage locations all over most major metropolitan areas, the sheer volume of options, rates and locations can be overwhelming, and the price can add even more cost to an already expensive move.

Enter Sharebee, a peer-to-peer platform for self-storage. Sharebee lets users turn their vacant space into storage, offering up new options for anyone in need of short or long term storage. On average, renters have found that space secured on Sharebee is 60% cheaper than traditional self-storage. 

Long established industries are being modernized thanks to hard-working entrepreneurs around the country, and moving is no different. These three just scratch the surface, but be sure to check around for more innovative options next time you are ready for a move!

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