LetsLaunch & The Cannon Partner to Support Houston Startups

The Cannon is excited to announce a strategic partnership with LetsLaunch. The Cannon, a coworking ecosystem for Houston’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and creatives, is creating a campus dedicated to entrepreneurship that is designed to help businesses thrive. LetsLaunch is an equity crowdfunding website that allows anyone to invest in private businesses, while providing a new alternative for business owners to raise capital.

New Crowdfunding Tool for The Cannon Community

The partnership provides Cannon Ventures, an investor network and venture studio, with a tool to allow smaller investments and non-accredited investors to participate in Cannon Ventures investment opportunities. Prior to crowdfunding platforms such as LetsLaunch, only “accredited” investors, meaning individuals with a net worth excluding their primary residence of at least $1 million, were allowed to invest in private businesses. Only 3% of the U.S. population falls into this category, leaving the vast majority of the population unable to invest in private businesses. Lawson Gow, Founder & CEO of The Cannon and Cannon Ventures, said “Our partnership with LetsLaunch creates a mechanism for all Cannon Ventures investors – large or small – to invest in promising private businesses throughout Houston”.

At the same time, the partnership offers Cannon Ventures companies and businesses located at The Cannon properties throughout Houston with access to crowdfunded capital on LetsLaunch, which can be a simple and affordable alternative to traditional sources of funding such as bank debt or venture capital. “The Cannon’s mission to help advance Houston’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is very much aligned with the reason we started LetsLaunch. This partnership allows people to access investment opportunities previously reserved for a small portion of the population, while offering businesses another option to raise the funds they need”, said Nick Carnrite, Co-Founder & CEO of LetsLaunch.

For more information about The Cannon, its incredible new facility or Cannon Ventures, please contact info@thecannonhouston.com or click here to book a tour. For additional information about LetsLaunch, check out letslaunch.com or please contact Rhian Davies, LetsLaunch’s VP Business Development, at rdavies@letslaunch.com.

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