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Brad True, Managing Director

Out of all the daily challenges entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes struggle with, one that we consistently hear both in our community (and on our team) revolves around one existential question – if everything on your to-do list is a priority, how do you prioritize what’s most important? Or, what do you do when you start your to-do list in the morning and it’s somehow even longer at the end of the day?

Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Or actually, a lot of apps for that. Which one should you choose? Obviously you’ll decide what system works best for you, but in case you are on the hunt for something new, here are a few recommendations from both our team and our community:


Bret McDonald, CFO – The Cannon

This extremely flexible and customizable app features a clean interface and can be utilized on any iOS platform and allows you to seamlessly transition between your iPhone, iPad and computer whenever you need to. Bret especially likes that he’s supporting a small private startup with a growing team, as well as the numerous customizable shortcut options featured throughout the app.


Keith Henry, Creative Director & Published Author – Kickstreet

Also effective as an overall project management tool for teams, Asana works extremely well for Keith’s own personal task management. Key differentiators for Keith include Asana’s clean, straightforward and simple interface, plus its ease of use and coordination with the rest of his team on different projects they are tackling together.


Carolyna Ducette and Ashley Huddleston, Co-Creators – Collective Community

Saving the planet is a hard job, and Collective Community’s Co-Creators join Keith in utilizing Asana for both their task management and project execution. Key features that bring Asana to the top for these environmentally conscious co-founders are its task & due date functionality, as well as the ability to create projects and assign tasks in them to track progress as the project is completed. Not to mention it sends a unicorn across your screen every time you create a task!


Brad True, Managing Director – The Cannon

After experimenting with a few options, Wunderlist has risen to the top for my personal task management. The simplicity of the platform, the ease in which you can organize your tasks by date, topic, department, etc, and even the satisfying bell-ring that accompanies a completed task all make Wunderlist a favorite out of everything I’ve tried so far.

The challenge of managing day-to-day tasks is something all entrepreneurs will continue to experience and, as a result, continue to search for new remedies. Our list only scratches the surface of what’s available, but as more tools are developed every entrepreneur should hopefully find something that works well and can help ease the pain of our ever growing to-do lists.

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