B2B Startups Pitch Perfect at Quarterly Cannon Ventures Pitch Night

Last night Cannon Ventures hosted their second quarterly pitch event of 2019. After concentrating on SportsTech last fall and Female Founded startups in January, the focus shifted to B2B startups, and we welcomed Incentifind, Potentia, and Topl to the stage. Prior to last night’s event, each startup worked with Cannon Ventures’ Venture Studio Program to workshop their pitches and perfect their presentations. Following a brief intro from our emcee for the night, Mainline CEO Chris Buckner, the startups were ready to wow the crowd.


First up was Cannon Community Member and Venture Studio veteran IncentiFind, the nation’s only comprehensively standardized and searchable database for green incentives. Founder and CEO Natalie Goodman took us through the latest exciting developments in IncentiFind’s progress as they look to raise their first official investment round. Previously featured in our Founders Focus series, IncentiFind helps commercial and residential property owners take advantage of green incentive programs, a market which just last year resulted in over $10B in unclaimed returns because there was no database to make these incentives easy to find.


Next on the agenda was Potentia, a full-service recruiting firm focused on Tech Leadership placement as well as Autism Employment in Tech for recent college grads. Over 80% of functioning autistic college graduates fail to find employment and Potentia aims to assist companies fill their demand in the tech community and beyond. It’s also a personal mission for Founder & CEO Jeff Miller, who’s son has autism, and Miller has developed an exceptional platform to help employers tap into extremely talented but underrepresented population.


Finally, we heard from Topl’s Co-Founder & President Kim Raath, who capped the night with another crowd pleasing pitch. Topl’s blockchain protocol is an open, decentralized network designed to move goods and payments while proving impact and sustainability. Like a system of digital highways, Topl’s infrastructure verifies movement for goods and funds for an entire generation of more sustainable and inclusive supply chains and marketplaces. Their focus is on certifying three types of value – funds, impact, and goods, and Topl is making an impact on improving the viability of verified sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains.

Cannon Ventures’ mission is to both help startups identify pain points in their company and develop a customizable program around those pain points to help companies either acquire new clients, develop a long-term strategy for growth, or plan for a future round of fundraising. Additionally, they help connect individuals interested in seeing early stage investment opportunities to Houston-based startups. If you’re interested in either applying for funding or becoming a member of the Cannon Ventures Investor Network, please visit either one of the below links to learn more!

From the Founders

The Cannon team has truly created a culture of engagement. Not only did I enjoy the depth of conversations and questions after pitching but I also loved the care and attention to detail taken by the team before the event. – Topl Co-Founder & President Kim Raath

“The Cannon is a first-class organization with a great team.  They have a deep understanding of the Houston landscape for entrepreneurs and investors.  Both were in evidence at the  April Pitch Party.  Thanks to Lawson and team for allowing Potentia to be a part of a great event!” Potentia Founder & CEO Jeff Miller

“IncentiFind engaged with Cannon Ventures in January of this year, and it’s resulted in multiple successes – one of which was the B2B Pitch Party. Not only did it provide us with a platform to introduce IncentiFind to the Houston community, but we also walked away with a great response and interest from those who attended.” – IncentiFind Founder & CEO Natalie Goodman

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