The secret is out – bad actors from around the world  have been stealing trade secrets from United States companies for years. By hook or by crook, through computer chips and group chats,  time and again these groups have stolen intellectual property from American companies. As companies and our government respond to these persistent breaches, it is imperative that business owners big and small expand their security systems  and protect themselves against future attacks. Here are a few steps startups can take to secure their IP.

Disaster Recovery Site

Fish, ransom and malware are deployed on a global scale on a second-to-second basis. It’s not a question of if your company will be attacked, but when. In the event of a hack to your site or your data storage location, a disaster recovery site can be your saving grace. IBM, Microsoft, and StorageCraft all provide sites which you can use to backup your business and keep it running in the event of a disruption.

Penetration Testing

As the old adage goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. In a world where 15% of hacks come from within the firewall, it’s critical to continuously vet your protection and your people. Thorough background checks, employee activity screening, and firewall penetration testing are critical to sustaining a safe and healthy company.

Software (Encrypt, Encrypt, Encrypt!)

If you’ve recently tried playing video games with kids, you know: technology moves faster than we do. VR games, ESports, and even Fortnite are miles ahead of games and systems from only a few years ago. These rapid changes increasingly highlight the importance  of constantly updating your software. Hackers are updating their systems constantly, looking for new ways to breech. Updated software combined with properly encrypted data is the only way to reasonably ensure protection from prying web probes.

It may not be as exciting as launching a new product or expanding into a new vertical, but keeping your IP secure should be an extremely important and consistent task on your to-do list as your company grows. Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom, as these increased threats have already resulted in new security innovations across the technology spectrum, with entrepreneurs and tech experts spending countless hours coming up with new solutions to this ever changing threat. But until they’ve solved it, the importance of staying on top of your security will be key in protecting your company from an ever-changing security landscape.

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