At The Cannon, we host startups of all kinds. We have startups that are changing the way we work with energy and startups that cure your hangover before it begins. We’re home to startups who connect field sales teams and startups passionate about connecting fans to the sports they love. Startups are serious business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. This week, we’ve tracked down four fantastic startups that focus on bringing joy and growth to children. Check out these startups for kids.

Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day isn’t just for kids, it’s by kids! For a decade now, Lemonade Day has lived its mission of making today’s youth tomorrow’s business and community leaders – one lemonade stand at a time. Lemonade Day’s goal of spreading entrepreneurial spirit and showing children how to make it happen for themselves lines up directly with ours, so we can’t wait to see them continue to grow in Houston.

Azawhistle Kids

Kids have hated cleaning their rooms since the first kid threw the first towel on his first bedroom floor. Azawhistle Kids cuts through the clutter, recognizing the “connection between having a clean, organized space and leading happy, healthy lives.” To help, they’ve created apps, games and stories that teach kids life skills like cleanliness and focus through activities based on yoga and meditation principles.


DIY trickled its way from empty nesters’ Facebook updates to Pintrest to Etsy and now to the world of children’s toys. Introducing littleBits, 2018’s Toy of the Year winner. littleBits sells make-your-own-toy kits allowing kids to make everything from a whirring, beeping R2-D2 to instruments and customized smart home devices.

Music Lifeboat

The team at Music Lifeboat believes every child should have access to a musical education. They understand that kids participating in high quality music programs are much less likely to drop out of school. To that end, they’re working with music teachers and non-profit organizations to build a sustainable solution for free music education for children around the world. Their free app Band Blast has already won awards for its efficacy as a musical education tool, and Music Lifeboat is just getting started.


Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler were looking to teach coding while appealing to a wider digital crowd. The result: Osmo. Osmo brings toy innovation and coding to older children and adults, allowing the users to dynamically create their own projects. They combine physical toys with an app, and the resulting opportunities are endless! Users can code their own games, illustrate, create music, and a lot more.

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