Houston: Growing in Size and Style

About a month ago, GQ released an article calling Houston the coolest city in the South, which was not news to us here at The Cannon. Houston is home to some of the most original and productive creative talent in the world. From musicians like Robert Earl Davis and Robert Glasper, to artists and chefs like JooYoung Choi and Chris Shepherd. We invented breast implants, the weed eater, domed stadiums, and Wes Anderson. The City of Houston is chock full of people, and those people have some pretty good ideas.

Where’s the Divide?

Despite bursting at the seams with innovative talent, Houston receives less than 1% of U.S. early stage funding. The 4th largest city in America, Houston boasts only 10% the VC deal volume of neighboring Austin, a hub for disenchanted Californians. Houston startups demand growth capital. Where’s the divide?

While Houston lacks startup capital, it’s rife with entrenched industry. Home to Oil & Gas giants, the nation’s largest port, and the world’s largest medical center, the city doesn’t want for established powers. Those industries support the city, but have yet to make meaningful investment into innovation and new business. Until now.

New from Old

Innovators like Andrew Bruce are disrupting the entrenched industry with companies like his, Data Gumbo, who leverage blockchain technology to create massive savings through smart contracts (Data Gumbo currently applies them to O&G but the sky’s the limit). Bruce and his team represent just one example of the brilliant work coming out of Houston. There’s not enough support for creative entrepreneurs in Houston right now, but we’re fixing that.

The Cannon is home to over 80 new and growing companies, and we make it our mission to provide them everything they need to thrive. We’ve just launched Cannon Ventures, an angel network and venture studio program that helps raise money and grow startups. Don’t be afraid to dream big, strike out, and do your own thing, Houston. We’ll be here fighting for you.

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