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Yesterday, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced a partnership with Space X: a 2023 flight around the moon. The project, dubbed #dearMoon, will culminate in a week long journey with Maezawa and six to eight artists from around the world. Pretty cool, right? Space X and Musk have been at the forefront of space innovation for a while now, but they’re not the only ones with skin in the game. The space-startup space grows bigger every year, and the ambitious leaders of the companies comprising it are taking us to places we can only imagine. Check out a few of the space startups pushing the limits today.


Adelaide, Australia-based Fleet combines expertise in satellites and IoT to create a nanosatellite constellation network. Last year they raised $3.7M in Series A funding. This year they’ll launch the constellation, allowing them to sell remotely operated, satellite based IoT.

Spaceflight Industries

Launch and satellite service Sspaceflight Iindustries does it all. The Seattle company provides global communication networks, launching rideshare and satellite infrastructure to both the private sector and government. That’s why last year they raised $150M in Series B funding.


The group at Vector aims to join Fleet in the nanosatellite network game. At their pace, they’ll be there soon. The Arizona based team raised $21M in Series A funding after a successful test launch and flight in 2017.Vector scheduled three additional launches this year and looks to continue their successful streak.

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is technically a startup, but this burgeoning space giant won’t hold that title for much longer. The California company raised $75M in Series D funding, bringing their current value upwards of $1B. They’ve launched four satellites to date, and the ticker on their home page keeps going up.


Ursa developed a unique satellite analytics system which is gaining a great deal  a lot of attention. After raising $7M in Series A funding in 2017, the company grew its crude oil storage monitoring product. Their satellite based bioresource analytics products and custom analytics tools definitely make them an interesting new player in the space.

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