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Fourth of July is finally here! Flags, fireworks, family and maybe (just maybe) a one day reprieve from startup madness. While we contemplated kicking back and celebrating the country we love, we couldn’t stop thinking about the startups we love. So for this, America’s birthday edition of The Cannon blog, we bring you a pack of patriotic startups. These companies are great American startup success stories who have succeeded in the service of their country’s ideals. Today, we salute you.

  1. Patriot Boot Camp

A non-profit that is focused on creating more veteran-led businesses is an easy choice for our first showcase. Founded in 2012, PBC is a non-profit that provides American active duty service members, veterans, and their spouses access to educational programing, mentors, and resources to start and grow their own businesses.

  1. Vote Watcher

Vote Watcher, a part of Blockchain Technologies Corporation, works with everyone from corporations to governments and labor unions, utilizing blockchain to provide efficient and transparent elections. By providing a highly auditable process, they hope to end any and all election fraud.

  1. Signal

Signal supports freedom of speech in a time where information security proves increasingly important. Supported by sometimes-controversial  first amendment champion Edward Snowden, Signal provides a secure, end-to-end encrypted communication platform. With access to data or wifi, app users can send high-quality group, text, voice, video, document, and picture messages anywhere in the world without SMS or MMS fees.

  1. Voter

Internet trolls, redundant news cycles and media bias make it difficult for American voters to educate themselves and align with the right candidate. Branding itself a political matchmaker, Voter links engaged citizens with candidates who best match their ideals.

  1. Grunt Style

Founded by Army veteran Dan Alarik and run almost exclusively by the fellow veterans he hired, Grunt Style makes their clothes right here in America. This patriotic apparel honors the red, white and blue, and those who risk their lives to defend her freedom.

These startups deserve celebration. As you’re launching fireworks with family or cracking cold ones with with friends this weekend, keep in mind those who serve; those who make all we do possible, and strive further to make it great. We thank you. Happy Birthday America!

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