Mind Your Startup: Three Tips for Startup Mental Health

If you’re in a co-working space or incubator, stop and take a look around. You and the people surrounding you, slaving away to build a tangible dream, seem fearless. You brave pioneers strive into the unknown everyday, attacking it with the indomitable spirit necessary to succeed in a world that often demands jumping without a chute and flapping like hell. Long hours under humming lights grow taxing, and it’s important to tend to your mental health with the same vigor and care as your growing business. Here are three things to watch for when keeping yourself and your startup mentally sound.

Get Some Sweat

Of course working out keeps you physically fit and helps build and maintain self-confidence. Exercise also triggers your body’s release of endorphins and dopamine, boosting mental clarity and happiness. Working out at the same time everyday increases that chemical output while also helping your mind build a routine, improving sleep and focus.

Get Some Sun

For startups, sunlight can be scarce. Up before first light. In the office burning the late night oil. Long hours hunched over a computer punish your spine and eyes, but lack of sun can be worse. People who lack regular sunlight exposure, and the health benefits that come with it, are significantly likely to develop physical maladies like the flu and mental illnesses like depression. Get outside!

Get Some Sleep

I know, I know. Good joke. Sleep for those in the startup world is a rare and precious commodity. Sleep deprivation, however, comprises quality of work, decision making, and quality of life. It’s not easy to work with a zombie, and even harder to work as one. For your startup’s sake, if not your own, when you can find sleep, take it and run.

Running a startup can be blinding in its furor- nothing seems more important. Without taking care of the mental health and well-being of a startup’s employees, the company fails. Without you there is no startup, so take care of your startup by taking care of yourself.

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