Cannon Ventures Launches at The Cannon Houston

Supporting Houston entrepreneurs by providing them the tools they need to grow and succeed. At the end of the day, that’s what The Cannon Houston is really about. Last Thursday, The Cannon hosted a launch party for Cannon Ventures, an angel investment network to be housed within The Cannon, with a buzzing pitch party on our campus. Over 200 of Houston’s most successful investors, startup staffers, and entrepreneurs mingled around booths in The Cannon’s Waiting Room, gathering to learn about Cannon founding companies like long-distance ridesharing app Croozen. Party goers enjoyed delicious local fare from Dining with the Tunes and Aces of Taste before settling in to see the show.

After opening remarks from cofounders Cannon CEO Lawson Gow and FanReact CEO Chris Buckner, the crowd enjoyed pitch presentations from two of The Cannon’s most exciting companies: O&G blockchain startup Data Gumbo and after alcohol aid Thrive+. Houston’s own Thrive+ CEO Brooks Powell was no stranger to the pitch environment, having showcased Thrive’s liver loving formula on Shark Tank. He raved about Cannon Ventures, noting that, “When Lawson first called us to present, the original plan expected 50 people. Due to the amount of interest, we wound up presenting to over 200 people. Any time something oversells four times over, you have a pretty interesting concept on your hands. That demand is proof of how much Houston wants this angel network.”

Cannon Ventures launched within The Cannon Houston, ready to introduce a network of angel investors to the booming startups within.

The Missing Piece

The party and the presentations did what they were designed to; share knowledge about the company and attract investment. Both CEOs fielded questions from eager attendees and prospective investors. Data Gumbo CEO Andrew Bruce expressed his excitement about Cannon Ventures: “I’d highly recommend it (Cannon Ventures) to anybody. I think its a great idea because funding is something startups always need; its the missing piece.” Both Data Gumbo and Thrive+ will look to grow their companies through connections made during the launch.

Which brings us full circle. The Cannon is here to foster growth for Houston’s entrepreneurs. We’re here to provide them with the outlets, tools, and vehicles that make them most likely to succeed. Cannon Ventures takes us one step closer to fulfilling that goal, and we’re excited to share it with the city, the country, and the world. Visit  to learn more, or stop by The Cannon Houston to see Houston’s entrepreneurs striving ever upward.

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