International Incubation: 4 Startup Incubators to Watch Around the World

Ideas, unlike the people who have them, don’t recognize geopolitical boundaries. Inspiration can strike any person, at any time, in any place. At The Cannon, we believe every inspired, innovative individual deserves a chance to dig in and grow their business and community. Here’s a look at international startup incubators from Baghdad to Brazil that show love to locals and provide a platform for those crazy enough to try and change the world around them.


Germinadora is an incubator for the entrepreneur, by the entrepreneur. This Sao Paolo, Brazil based company follows a formula we love: believe in people first, support their ideas second. Germinadora focuses on talented entrepreneurs regardless of their prior work or current progress. One of their marquee programs, Startup Bootcamp, takes a visionary from scratch to a fully functional business in just 12 weeks. Visit their site to learn more about the inspired work coming out of this Brazilian business.

i-Cre8 South Africa

Founded by Youth Lab, a premier South African think tank, i-Cre8 South Africa looks to empower South African youth to change the world around them. i-Cre8 seeks young innovators with original and game changing ideas, providing them with education, mentoring, connections, and funding. Recently, the group expanded into poorer South African townships, aiming to revitalize communities through leveraging youth innovation for economic growth. Their commitment to a diverse and inclusive growth for the youth of South Africa serves as a sterling international model for incubation methodology.

The Passion Incubator

Founded in Lagos, Nigeria, The Passion Incubator looked to support promising startups in their early stages. After growing frustrated with it’s lack of sustainability, co-founder Olufundi Falayi left to learn a better way to work. Falayi returned early this year, bringing with him a focus on high-quality startup leaders and partnerships to ensure sustainable community growth. Now, The Passion Incubator works with local organizations like Nigeria’s Fastforward Student Innovation Fund and Innovating Justice Accelerator, while investing in local businesses with great people at the helm. With such a commitment to creating and growing a local innovation ecosystem, look for big things to come from Lagos.

The Station

Located in Baghdad, The Station is Iraq’s first incubator/co-working space. The Station literally rose from the ashes, providing recently war-stricken Iraqis the resources they need to create and innovate while rebuilding their community. One of the coolest things about The Station is their commitment to heritage and cultural entrepreneurship. Through their Culture Metro program, The Station is committed to balancing culture and innovation. Look for more impressive work from these middle eastern future moguls.

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