Run Your Startup Like an All-Star

As the NBA heads into the All-Star break, players and teams begin taking stock of their productions and success to-date. Some have performed above and beyond. Those All-Stars and successful teams will enjoy the break. Some have under-performed. For them, the break is far less pleasant. Some will be traded, some will be benched, some will be fired. All need to make a change. Those in the throes of success need a means to sustain that high level of productivity. Those struggling to produce need a way to jump start their game. This self-reflection and call to action translates from the hardwood to the startup world. Pausing periodically for analysis is essential to both maintaining success and turning the tide on a losing streak. Here are a few methods to the madness of making it matter in the new year.

Sustain Success

The Houston Rockets are enjoying an unstoppable start to their 2017-2018 campaign. Their brightest star, James Harden, leads the league in scoring and just recorded the NBA’s first 60 point triple double. In order to sustain their recent success, Houston must analyze their strengths and weaknesses to shore up any chinks in the armor. Though they’re an offensive juggernaut, they can address issues in shot selection, defense, and guard depth.

If you or your company are currently realizing success, good for you! Continue to kick butt and take names, but make sure to pause and point out the factors affecting your business. When you find factors that contribute to your success, double down. When you find elements of your business you could stand to improve, then do so. Sustaining success means turning fat to muscle and constantly honing your process.

Change It Up

Sometimes, despite your best attempts, what you’re doing just isn’t working. Blake Griffin and the Clippers tried their best to make it work in LA, but with nothing to show for their attempts, they’ve traded him to Detroit. I’m not suggesting leaving the LA spotlight for dreamy Detroit; you may not need such a dramatic move. But when looking to improve your production, consider your surroundings. Are you operating in the most conducive environment for your best work? If not, change something up. Reduce or increase your exposure to clients and coworkers as it pertains to your efficacy in the workplace.

Turn Your Season Around

A slow start can potentially doom an entire season. This season, the Phoenix Suns started 0-3, then promptly fired their coach and sent some of their best players packing. Since then, they’ve limped to a 17 and 34 record and are in the midst of a five game losing streak. They can’t do anything more drastic then they’ve already done, but they can find a way to improve daily. Sometimes we suffer drastic setbacks that leave us with no status quo to which we can return. The only thing left to do at that point is to shed dead weight, get back to basics, and analyze everything. Every meeting, phone call, and deal, is an opportunity to study and grow your strengths while chipping away at your weaknesses. You’re not going to turn a sinking ship into the Flying Dutchman overnight, but with constant analysis and steady, daily improvement, you can transform your trend upwards.


You may not be able to dunk like Demar Derozan or dish like Kyrie Irving, but you can apply best practices from the NBA All Star break to your startup’s every day operations. Whether you’re looking to sustain success or change your fortune, keeping these simple steps in mind will help you move Shaq-sized mountains.

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