Kick It Into Gear

This week The Cannon hosted its first kickboxing class. Besides a room-full of sweaty coworkers, the class brought a new energy to the campus. Kickboxing has long been championed for its cross-training benefits and ultra-calorie burning. Few know the additional upsides, such as stress reduction, posture improvement, and energy increase, that kickboxing can bring to your day-to-day life. Here are a few reasons why you should consider kicking it up a notch with this action-packed workout.

Shake the Slump

Most people working in an office, startup or otherwise, sit for most of the day. With all that sitting, even the most proper posture can fall prey to the afternoon slouch. A kickboxing workout exercises muscles that want for attention in most normal daily routines. Your back, core and hip abductor muscles, the same ones that fluctuate daily between lying dormant and uncomfortably straining, stretch, flex and grow during this workout. Working these muscles provides a platform for posture improvement, increasing your healthy habits and improving your daily desk routine.

Shed the Stress

Work produces stress. That’s just a fact we all have to deal with, but how well, or poorly, we deal with stress often dictates how well, or poorly, we live. Kickboxing kicks stress to the curb in every way possible. The constant motion of a kickboxing workout keeps the body and brain moving. This motion expels unhealthy, built-up stress through sweat while simultaneously helping the brain produce endorphins (happy hormones). On top of that, the constant attacking and defending that are such a core part of this workout help expel negative emotions and built up stress and aggression. Alleviating the stress that builds during the work week promotes a more positive and productive work environment, which brings us to the final function kickboxing brings to the table.

Elevate The Energy

Long hours and bad weather taking its toll? Co-workers driving you up the wall? Never fear, kickboxing is here to help. The high-energy cardio workout helps your body release toxins while helping your brain produce the endorphins we just talked about. The attack and defend nature of kickboxing not only challenges your body, but stimulates your mind, increasing energy levels, releasing toxins and producing endorphins to help you leave negative energy behind and embrace positivity.

Kickboxing won’t save your life or transform you into a street fighter, but its tangible health benefits will transform your work week. Better posture, less stress, and heightened energy are just some of the advantages this workout provides. So stretch well, look both ways, and get kicking.

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